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Free Crocheted Lion
Materials: Worsted Weight Yarn 2 oz Dark Gold, Small Amounts 2 Other Golds
Crochet Hook Size F Afghan Hook & Reg Hooks Size E, F & G or 3.50, 4.00, 4.50
Scraps of Black and White Felt
4 oz Polyester Fiberfill
Matching Thread
Tissue Paper for Pattern
Graph Paper ruled in 1" squares

Finished Size Approximately 10 inches

Head and Body:
Using afghan hook and dk gold yarn, ch 36. Work afghan stitch as follows:
Row 1: Insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, yo and draw through a loop, * insert hook in
next ch, yo and draw through a loop. Rep from * to end. 35 loops on hook.

Row 2: Working left to right, yo and draw through first loop, * yo and draw through 2
loops. Rep from * until 1 loop remains.

Row 3: Omit vertical loop on extreme edge of previous row, * insert hook from right to
left under next vertical loop, yo and draw through a loop. Rep from * to end.

Rep 2nd and 3rd rows until work measures 10 ½", ending with a 2nd row. Fasten off.
Make another piece the same way.

To Prepare The Pattern:
Draw the pattern full size on the graph paper. First draw the lines for the basic
measurements, positioning them in the same relation to the 1" lines on the paper as
the measurement lines are to the grid outline of the lion, again using the grid lines as
a guide. Trace the full size pattern twice on the tracing paper, but do not cut out the

To Finish:
Press or block the work, according to yarn used. Pin the tissue paper pattern to WS
of one piece of crochet. Machine stitch along outline or hand sew in back stitch. Tear
away tissue. Cut crochet 1/4" outside stitching. Repeat for other piece.
Place both cut out shapes RS together, matching the lines of stitching. Baste and
stitch both together, directly over the first stitching line, leaving a gap of 3" at top of
head for stuffing. Turn lion RS out carefully, using the handle of a wooden spoon in
corners. Fill lion with stuffing. Slip stitch open edges together.

Ears: (both alike):
Insert average size hook in suitable position on top of head along seamline, ch 4 and
work 9 tr in place where hook is inserted. Turn. Sl st in top of each tr. Fasten off.
Catch ends of ears with hand sewing.

Mane and Tail:
Using other two shades of yarn cut about 80 pieces, each 5" long. With average size
hook, attach mane around face by inserting hook through strand of afghan stitch,
catching center of strand, pulling it through, then pulling ends through loop.. Dampen
mane and trim while wet. For tail cut several 8" lengths of yarn and attach them in
same way to suitable position at back.

Eyes and Nose: Cut shapes for eyes from white felt and then cut shapes for eyes
and nose from black felt. Sew them firmly to face.
Crochet A Year of Afghans, Book 17