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I Like Crochet December Issue
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Free Crochet Flower Basket
Filet Pillow
Flower Basket Pillow

Materials: Crochet Cotton Size 10; 2 - 50 gm Balls
Steel Crochet Hook Size 7 or 1.50 mm
Pillow Form 14” x 14”
½ yd Fabric for Lining
Tapestry Needle
Spray Starch
Sewing Thread and Needle

Finished Size Approximately 14” x 14”
Gauge: 7 sp or bl = 2”
Note: When working pattern 4 dc = 1 bl, 7 dc = 2 bl.
Add 3 dc for each attached bl. When following chart, work right side
rows, right to left, and wrong side rows from left to right.

Starting at lower edge, ch 152.
Row 1: Dc in 8th ch from hook for first sp, (ch 2, sk 2 ch, dc in next ch)
48 times. Ch 5, turn. (49 sp)
Rows 2-4: Sk first sp, dc in  next dc, * ch 2, sk sp, dc in next dc. Rep
from * across to last sp, ch 2, sk 2 ch, dc in next st of turning ch. Ch 5,
Row 5: Work 12 sp, then (2 dc in next sp, dc in next dc) 21 times,
complete row with 14 sp. Ch 5, turn.
Row 6: (wrong side):Work 14 sp, then ch 2, sk 2 dc, dc in next dc, dc in
each dc across to last 3 dc, ch 2, sk 2 dc, dc in next dc, work 14 sp to
end of row. Ch 5, turn.
Row 7: (right side): Work 16 sp, (dc in each of next 3 dc, ch 2, sk 2 dc,
dc in next dc) 9 times, work in sp to end of row. Ch 5, turn.
Row 8: Work 16 sp, (1 bl, 1 sp) 9 times, work 15 sp to end of row. Ch 5,
Rows 9-58: Starting with row 9, follow chart for design. At end of last
row, do not ch 5, break off.
Rnd 1: Sc in any corner sp, ch 7 in same sp work 1 dc, * then ch 2, sk 1
sp, sc in next sp, ch 2, sk 1 sp, in next sp work 1 dc, ch 4, 1 dc. Rep
from * around. Join with sl s tin 3rd st of ch-7.
Rnd 2: Ch 3, for first corner work 5 dc, ch 4, sc in 4th ch from hook for
picot and 6 more dc in same first corner sp, work (4 dc, 1 picot, 4 dc) in
next ch-4 lp around, working 6 dc, 1 picot, 6 dc) in each corner sp. Join
the break off.
Lining: Cut 2 pieces from fabric, each 15” x 15”. Using ½” seam
allowance, hold both pieces together and sew on 3 sides, leave 4th side
open. Turn to right side; insert pillow form, sew 4th side closed. Weave
in ends. Spray starch pillow top, if desired, easing piece to 14” x 14”.
When dry, sew to one side of covered pillow, with needle and thread.