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How You Can Afford Designer Dog Clothes

Have you been shopping for dog clothes? Were you surprised at the pricing?
Dog clothes have become very
popular in recent years. As the popularity increased, so did the pricing.

Much of the popularity increase is due to urban living. People still want to have a dog, but they lack the larger area
needed to own a large dog. Small dogs have become extremely popular because they can live comfortably in small
spaces, such as apartments.

Everyone knows that small dogs are ‘oh-so-cute’ and often are thought of by the owner as their furry child. Many
dogs do not have the coat for extremely cold weather; they need a jacket or sweater to keep them warm. Some
dogs have a good heavy coat, but are older and have hip or joint problems.  These dogs also need some warmth
when outside.

Many people are now choosing to make their dog clothes; it is much cheaper and very satisfying to spend a little
time doing something special for your pet. People make the decision to dress their beloved dogs in clothes for a
number of reasons; to keep their dog warm, to be stylish and they enjoy it.

Making clothes for your dog can be a very fun and fulfilling experience, and to top it off, you have the best audience
in the world! There is no greater feeling than knowing that you created something that your dog can both use and
love (and look good in).

Now your all pumped up to start making clothes for your furry friend.  But – Where do you start? The best option is
to do a google search for “dog clothes patterns”. This search will yield approximately 14 million results. Several of
these sites offer free patterns.

There are patterns available for knitting, crocheting and sewing. One will have no problem locating the ‘perfect’
outfit pattern.  Shortly after that fido will be proudly sporting his or her new ‘designer’ dog clothes!